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Improvement Of Efficiency And Reliability

Due to energy shortage, one important focus of our current work concerns the efficient conversion of energy. A simple approach to loss reduction consists in use of more material, which however means a contradiction to economic design with a minimum amount of copper, iron, and permanent magnets. The energy consumption during production and recycling should also be taken into account.

  • Permanent magnets eliminate most rotor losses in an electrical machine. Such concepts also effect short circuit capability and safety.
  • The consideration of losses with respect to operation cycles becomes more and more important. Past research focused on optimization of the behavior under rated conditions. Real operation often includes changing load and speed which means, that the integral losses with respect to operation cycles show much more potential for optimzation than a classical approach. Specially in vehicles, the changing grid conditions (battery or catenary) also influence the choice of adequate drive concepts.
  • A comprehensive research also includes aspects of energy expenditure both in production and proper disposal. Besides total cost of ownership, also total energy consumption in life cycle must be respected and optimized.
  • Modern drive systems also consider the properties of the energy source such as batteries, super capacitors, or grid.


Current Projects

  • Permanent magnet synchronous machine with reduced idle losses in field weakening range based on increased d axis inductance
  • Control strategy for online optimization of operating point dependent losses
  • Computer based optimization of motor layout parameters for minimum energy consumption with respect to load cycles
  • Battery design and modeling of dynamic behavior for EV
  • Auxiliaries for application in more electric vehicles


Recent Projects

  • Comparative examinaton of total energy expenditure for production, operation and recycling of different electric motors
  • Permanent magnet synchronous generator for a 5 MW wind turbine


Automated EV Drive Test Bench For Drive Cycles (60 kW, 2300-6500 rpm)
Automatisierter Prüfstand für Fahrzeugantriebe in Fahrzyklen (60 kW, 2300-6500 U/min)
Cross section of a PM motor with Ld > Lq (50 kW, 9000 rpm)
Querschnitt eines permanenterregten Synchronmotors mit Ld > Lq (50 kW, 9000 1/min)

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